rEvo Horizon Rebreather

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rEvo Horizon Rebreather

February 22, 2019 - 21:18
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rEvo unveiled their latest rebreather - The Horizon - at the 2019 Boot Show.

This recreational, semi-closed Nitrox rebreather weights in at 14.8 kg

This recreational, semi-closed Nitrox rebreather uses electronic technology to deliver a constant flow of Nitrox. (EANx 30 - 99%. Minimum flow rate: 5 lt/min, maximum flow rate: 25 lt/min).

The Horizon looks as though it will be very travel friendly because it is compact and weights in at just 14.8 kg. More importantly unlike the Dolphin, Ray and the Explorer it does not require a bespoke sized cylinder. Instead the compact unit has been designed to be dived with standard side slung or stage cylinders, and the two 1kg scrubber canisters use 797 sorb, which is available in most places. A gag strap for the mouthpiece also comes as standard.

Key Features

  • 2 oxygen sensors
  • Constant oxygen fraction supplied to the diver, adjustable during diving
  • Reverts automatically to full nitrox breathing in case of failure
  • Allowed nitrox mix: minimum 30%, maximum 99%
  • Fully adjustable harness system, from XS to XXL
  • Two 1 kg scrubber canisters that can be refilled by user
  • Approved scrubber material: Sofnolime 797
  • Three sets of redundant electronics
  • Full colour, high contrast dive computer screen
  • User adaptable gradient factor decompression algorithm
  • Approved to 40mt / 131 ft