RTC plans to work closer with RESA

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RTC plans to work closer with RESA

September 06, 2017 - 15:47
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Just under three weeks ago, the Rebreather Training Council (RTC) published its first training standard. This indicated the minimum requirements for a level of training.

Rebreather divers about to jump at Inner Space, Grand Cayman

Today, the RTC stated that it appreciated the positive comments supporting the release of its first standard: Rebreather Diver Level 1.1 (This specified the requirements for no planned decompression, “recreational” level of training using a rebreather.)

The RTC is a substantive body representing the interests of most of the international training organizations offering training to divers using rebreathers, and is best placed to establish minimum training standards for such training.

Individual training organizations are welcome to exceed these standards, but they must, as a minimum, be met. For example, in the case of this standard, a diver must have at least met all the requirements specified in the standard, in order to be recognized as RTC Rebreather Diver Level 1. The RTC also advised divers to follow the manufacturer’s guidance for the operation of a specific rebreather, and if this involves additional protocols to those listed in the appropriate RTC standard, they should be followed; however, the minimum RTC standard must always be met.

The RTC recognizes the importance of divers following manufacturer’s specifications concerning the use of a specific rebreather.

This is why there are numerous references within the standard directing divers to follow the requirements specified by the manufacturer of the rebreather they are using. "Because of our wish to foster maturity and cooperation in the dive industry, the RTC also updated RESA, (the organization representing the interests of rebreather manufacturers) in the development of the standard, giving them several opportunities to comment on its content while it was being drafted."

Delegates of the RTC and the Rebreather Education & Safety Association (RESA) will meet in November to try to take this cooperation further for the benefit of divers everywhere.

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