Saga Dive announces its new macro lens, Trio

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Saga Dive announces its new macro lens, Trio

December 04, 2016 - 23:00
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Press Release

The new lens, Trio, is designed to be used with macro lenses as the Canon 100mm or the Nikon 105mm but it can be used with some other lenses, as the 60mm. Even with some 150 or 180mm.

This lens become a revolution in front all the wet magnification systems existing at this moment. The patented system of two levers will make possible to the photographer a very easy system of changing the magnification, even while he is looking through the viewfinder, reaching different ratios in the minimum time possible and with the maximum optical quality.

Manufactured in mechanized aluminum with hard anodized, the Trio has two groups of lenses inside, one with +5 diopters and the other with +10. These two groups can be moved independently, so you can get 4 levels of magnification. With the the two levers in the upper position, you can use your lens normally, even focusing to infinite without any vigneting. By pushing the first lever we get one +5 diopter, with the second one +10, and with the 2 levers in the lower position we use the two groups of lenses and we get a +15 diopter lens.

The lens is attached to the port with a thread 67mm system, but if your port it doesn't have thread 67mm Saga Dive have an adaptor for any kind of port.

Once attached, the lens can be moved to any place by rotating, so you can place the lens in the position you prefer, so you can place your strobes without problems.

The lens it will be available at mid January.

Size: 136 x 84 x 73
Weigt: 708 gr
Buoyancy: 200 gr +- negative
Aluminum 6082
Hard anodized, with extra hard on the working areas (Thread and levers)
Sealed and Vaccum

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