SILENCE OF THE SHARKS calls on diving instructors

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SILENCE OF THE SHARKS calls on diving instructors

April 04, 2017 - 20:14

Press Release

SILENCE OF THE SHARKS is a unique project which joins hundreds of global organizations in an attempt of providing endangered sharks of the world with a voice. The shark community is on the brink of complete extinction, consequences are tough on balance of nature and this situation requires a call for action by all means.

The Voice of Diving Instructors
Diving instructor? Care about the ocean? Want to become Ambassador of the Sharks ? Your destiny calls!
Here’s your opportunity to make a difference.

Organizing 500 divers in one dive site is a logistic challenge by all means, but fortunately, we have successfully led such a dive as the opening protest of this campaign and our experience only ensures this dive will be a safe, fascinating and enjoyable one. Just as during the dive held in 2015, each diving instructor will be leading a group of 10 divers throughout an organized, well-planned ahead setup. However, since the experience and safety of many divers depends on our team of instructors, we seek for only the most trained and responsible leaders for this job. Are you up for the challenge?

On October 22nd, 2017, a huge protest dive of over 500 divers will be held in Eilat, Israel, and live broadcasted all over the world. SILENCE OF THE SHARKS calls diving instructors worldwide to join us on this event by playing an important role of leading groups of divers safely and happily throughout the dive.

The SILENCE OF THE SHARKS project was launched in December, 2015, in Eilat, Israel. An impressive protest dive was launched, including 85 divers equipped with banners. The dive was live broadcasted in HD and received amazing media exposure.
Following this first protest dive, many others were initiated all over the world, including Cuba, South Africa and a very unique one in Russia, under the ice.
The plan for 2017 is to continue expanding the project by cooperating with more organizations and having more countries joining the cause.

The protest dives campaign will conclude with a festive event, which will take place on October 19-23, 2017, in Eilat, Israel. This event will be all about gathering and uniting all shark conservation organizations worldwide for the purpose of raising the issue of shark hunting in global public agenda.
The event will include a shark's conference which will allow the most influential environmental activists worldwide to discuss the matter of shark hunting and decide together upon a plan of action.

The peak of the event, however, will be a huge live broadcasted protest dive, planned for October 22nd, which more than 500 divers will be joining. The dive will be held in memory of Dr. Eugenie Clark, also known as “The Shark Lady”, who began her shark research at the Eilat Bay.

This protest dive is a technological and logistical challenge, which might just result with a Guinness Record as well. Over 500 divers will be participating at this dive, which will be live broadcasted to million viewers around the world using the latest technologies. Dr. Sylvia Earle, one of the most famous marine biologists and explorers in the world, had already confirmed her participation. During the broadcast, Sylvia will be attending the dive site while holding a live conversation with some of the most influential leaders in the world.

The success of this project somewhat depends on the exposure it manages to receive. The greater the exposure, the louder is the voice we provide the sharks with. Therefore, great efforts and a decent budget will be invested in the promotion and converge of the event. Fortunately, Global Sustainability is on top of the agenda these and so, this huge and extraordinary project already manages to attract much attention from the media.

If you’re a qualified, active, responsible and shark-loving diving instructor, you belong in our team. This is an opportunity to make a difference and provide sharks of the world with a voice. Join us by guiding and leading a group of divers during the huge protest dive. Diving instructors who will be joining the dive will be asked to arrive on October 20th to Eilat, Israel, two days prior to the protest dive takes place, for the purpose of proper debriefing and rehearsing the dive.

For more information, please visit the website or Facebook page