Space available on the April 29, 11 night Special Macro Photo Cruise with Rod Klein on the Arenui

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Space available on the April 29, 11 night Special Macro Photo Cruise with Rod Klein on the Arenui

April 12, 2016 - 23:50
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Press Release

Capture the beauty of Indonesia’s reefs - and the enigmatic critters of Alor, specifically - through your lens! Appreciate the colours and textures of the corals, plus the marine life that call this paradise home, as seen by a photographer’s eye. As the Alor dive sites are especially popular with macro lovers, make sure your bring your best lens and get prepared for some close-ups of cool critters - and hopefully a lot of great sightings of the photogenic Rhinopia!

Have you packed all your lenses yet…?!
Don’t miss this last opportunity to discover the secrets of the Alor islands. Visit one of the most incredible sites in the area - Anemone City (aka Clown Valley). Here you will see more anemones in one dive than you have in your entire life! Or find one of the rarest fish in the ocean, the elusive Rhinopias! Divers travel thousands of miles to see this remarkable fish. All of this, and much more, is waiting for you in Alor!

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind cruise to enjoy and photograph the seas of Alor, with one of the best photographers of the underwater world, Rod Klein. With his magic touch, Rod will be onboard to help you improve your photography and photo editing techniques.

And it’s more than just the underwater world that will have you reaching for your shutter – the islands provide fantastic topside photographic opportunities as well! The challenge of any photographer that comes here is to capture the Komba volcano exploding at sunset, but don’t worry you will have a chance to get your shot…

Or capture Alor’s last tribe, the Abui, performing the traditional dances that tell the stories of their origins; a three-hour tour that makes the trip just incredible.

Arenui, the only truly boutique liveaboard in Indonesia, along with her 20 Indonesian crew members and two western Cruise Directors are waiting to show you the magic of this area.
Don’t think about it anymore! Get ready for an experience of a lifetime.

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