SSI endorses the SF2 Rebreather

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SSI endorses the SF2 Rebreather

July 05, 2020 - 13:03
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The training agency Scuba Schools International (SSI) has announced they have added the Scuba Force SF2 backmount closed-circuit rebreather to the list of rebreather units available for training.

SSI is now offering rebreather training on the SF2 unit


In 2003, two European technical divers, Tom Jaspers and Horst Dederichs, founded, the company behind SCUBA FORCE. Initially, the company focused on the German-speaking markets.


The German company states on their website that the rebreather "the SF2 is configured very cleanly and simply. It is compact and well-arranged because all important components are integrated into the carbon fibre tube." The eCCR utilises Shearwater electronics, three oxygen sensors and is available as either a backmount or sidemount rebreather.

Divers will find that the SF2 has a single counterlung. The majority of rebreathers have two counterlungs, and they are positioned on the diver's chest. The SF2 has located its single counterlung in the lower tube. SF2 states that this leads to a better body position in the water and lowers the resistance of breathing.


Apparently the SF2 CCR has been issued with a 100 mt / 328 ft CE depth certificate. Whilst we have found the CE cert, we cannot see a depth rating or duration rating for this unit.

SSI Courses

SSI is now offering the following courses on the SF2.

  • CCR Diving
  • CCR Extended Range / Extended Range Trimix
  • CCR Technical Extended Range
  • CCR Hypoxic Trimix
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