Suex XJ14 Scooter

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Suex XJ14 Scooter

March 24, 2016 - 18:04
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The research and development team at Suex – the Italian scooter manufacturer – have had a busy winter.

Suex XJ14 Scooter

Suex unveiled the results of their team's work at the recent EUDI Show in Italy in the shape of the remodelled XJ14, XJ37 and the XK1. Thanks to a redesigned aluminium body, shroud, backend and carbon fibre propeller these diver propulsion vehicles are now 20% to 30% more efficient and hydrodynamic.

Several features have been re-examined and upgraded.

The handle has been completely redesigned so that divers can use it either left or right handed. Suex has improved the grip and taken into consideration that divers want the option of being able to stow the handle when towing the scooter. The trigger mechanism has also been enclosed to stop it from getting damaged.

Suex has also realised that users invariably suffer from cold hands and to combat this they probably dive thick gloves, whilst fantasizing about dexterous fingers. Therefore the Italians have designed the new bigger propeller lock system so that it can be worked by 'muppety' hands.

The most exciting feature that Suex has unveiled is their 'DRIVe' system, aka 'Diver Remote Information View'. During the dive you will be able to monitor your battery status and the burn time based on your current speed and drag. Once topside and dry, you can then place your Android or Smart phone on the scooter battery to download additional data, ie your battery log.

Included in the accessory kit is a Carry Handle, cleaning and lubrication kit, tow leash with boltsnap and bungee.

Suex have stated these new models will be available in the Summer of 2016.