TUSA SF0101 Hyflex Vesna

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TUSA SF0101 Hyflex Vesna

December 24, 2015 - 12:30
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As a professional dive guide and instructor I tended to favour wearing bright yellow fins simply because it made me easier to be seen.

Today as a proud Essex Girl, (probably only Brits will get the reference), I tend to wear white fins for the same reason. To show up underwater. TUSA has taken this one finstep further and done something that I don't think many (if any) other manufacturer has adopted.

Their new SF0101 Hyflex Vesna fins (unveiled at DEMA 2015) have been made with a reflective material, called TUSA Direct Reflect. Apparently if you flash a light on it, this will shine, helping to keep you visible in low light or at night. Brilliant! Other features include a newly designed 'Comfort Foot Pocket', a combination of uniquely positioned holes that will reduce drag and a heavy duty elastic fin strap to make doffing and donning that little bit easier.

The Hyflex Vesna fins will be available in six colours and four sizes.