Vivid-Pix LAND & SEA Software Now Available on iTunes

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Vivid-Pix LAND & SEA Software Now Available on iTunes

August 25, 2016 - 23:25
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LAND & SEA Picture-Fix software is now available on iTunes - enabling the busy and fun-loving to improve their photos on phone or pad - regardless of the camera or mobile device used to take them


Alpharetta, GA (August 25, 2016) – Vivid-Pix, a software company with a focus on photography, announces that its easy-to-use LAND & SEA software is now available on iTunes. The software provides its unique ability to enhance pool and snorkel photos with a single-click. Its Go Anywhere mobile convenience makes it the perfect companion for vacation and travel pictures, both topside and underwater.

LAND & SEA incorporates Vivid-Pix’s patented and proprietary image-enhancement technology. This technology permits users to quickly and easily improve their photos by automatically adjusting color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness with a single-click. Simple, intuitive slider controls fine-tune as desired. LAND & SEA software is available for use on computers, mobile phones and pads/tablets.

“In the world of seemingly unlimited apps, it is hard to imagine that something so unique and broadly needed for improving photos would just now be coming to light,” said Rick Voight, Vivid-Pix CEO. “However LAND & SEA is here now, and it is a great way for consumers to vividly, and in great detail, re-live and share their summertime memories of camping, visiting local and distant parks and forests, or cooling off at a nearby pool or beach.”

LAND & SEA appeals to serious and novice photographers, as well as people with a zest for travel regardless of whether their camera of choice is a high-end Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR), a cell phone, a wearable camera for adventure sports, or anything in-between.

Even today’s best digital cameras or smartphone cameras can create unwanted photographic issues like an image looking too dark or too light, colors that look wrong, an annoying tilted horizon, or tiny subjects when the subject appears too far away. These common problems can all be corrected quickly and easily with LAND & SEA’s powerful and accessible tools without needing to buy and learn expensive and complex image editing software used by professional photographers.

Once users are satisfied with their processed image, LAND & SEA lets them save it as a full-resolution file or as a low-resolution HD file for emailing and sharing on social media or both file sizes, easily eliminating unnecessarily large file transfers.

A free trial version of LAND & SEA for either Mac or Windows is available for immediate download with no credit card required. LAND & SEA is also available for purchase from Vivid-Pix, as follows:

Vivid-Pix LAND & SEA for Windows/Mac MSRP $24.99
Vivid-Pix LAND & SEA for Apple iOS/Android MSRP $4.99 (Android available soon)
Vivid-Pix LAND & SEA+ for Apple iOS/Android provides SCUBA depth image improvement and other features with a $19.99 in-app additional purchase (Android available soon)

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