Want to dive a WW2 German aircraft carrier?

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Want to dive a WW2 German aircraft carrier?

January 25, 2009 - 16:25
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German team looking for more technical divers to join them to dive the recently located Graf Zeppelin in the Baltic.

In 2006 a search for oil in the Baltic sea turned up the wreck of the German World War Two aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, whose whereabouts had been a mystery since it was sunk by the Soviet navy after the war.

Drawing and sonar scans of Graf Zeppelin

A research ship belonging to Polish oil company Petrobaltic found the 250-metre wreck 55 km north of the Polish port Wladyslawowo at a depth of more than 80m. A Polish Navy ship, sent to the site, identified the wrecked ship as the Graf Zeppelin, which was captured by the Soviet navy, used for target practice and sunk as part of a training exercise in 1947. The Graf Zeppelin was Germany’s only aircraft carrier in the war. Its final resting place had been a mystery.

Costs shared

Now the German technical diving team Deep Wreck Project is set to explore the wreck which lies at 80m - with the top at 55m - and are now looking for more technical divers to join them. The cost of the expedition will be shared among the participants. Further info will follow.

Deep Wreck Project about themselves

Deep Wreck Project is founded to perform expeditions to virgin wrecks that have an important history. In general wreck sites in shallow waters have been dived and looted by hundreds of sports divers. We do not support this behavior. A wreck buries numerous secrets that have to be uncovered by professionals like archaeologists and historian. Our goal is, to protect these wrecks by education and training of interested people. In accordance to the UNESCO-Convention for the Protection of our Cultural Heritage we do not raise wrecks or artifacts as souvenirs or for profit.