Watoom Cyano Dive Computer

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Watoom Cyano Dive Computer

December 27, 2017 - 22:16
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Diving time pieces have come a long way since Blancpain created their 'Fifty Fathoms' diving watch in 1953.

Watoom Cyano Dive Computer

The latest watch style computer to hit our shops is by Korean manufacturer Watoom and the compact sleek design of their Cyano device is pretty darn sexy. But are we looking at style over substance?

This wireless rechargable device has a battery life of "up to 10 hrs in diving mode, over 48 hrs in watch mode, and over 15 days in Standby mode. The charging time is under 100 minutes".

I have experienced what it is like to be underwater to find that the computer I have been diving has died thanks to a flat battery. My buddy and I called the dive, and we safely came up on his computer. Looking at the above battery specs, the Cyano battery life seems on par with a typical mobile device. Be honest with yourself - just how often have you been caught out because your cell phone has gone flat? I therefore feel that a Cyano user will have to establish a meticulous daily charging regime to ensure their device never dies underwater.

The one thing I do like is that Watoom has made this device compatible with all wireless chargers on the market.

Two Modes

The Cyano diving computer has two modes: diving and watch. The diving mode includes the usual data that every diver requires, ie no-decompression limit, diving time, depth and EANx mix being dived. It also has a stopwatch and a compass. The display looks to be intuitive and clear and there are four levels of screen brightness.

The device will store up to 125 dives, and the diver is able to wirelessly download and manage their data using the Cyano mobile app. This app will also enable the user to share their dive data on social media.

The watch mode will certainly give other manufacturers something to think about, because the user is able to switch the display between a digital and an analog watch face.

The Casual Diver

I have to admit that this is a gorgeous looking dive computer and the asthetics will certainly be reviewed by other manufacturers because it may inspire them to improve the look of their devices. But I also feel (to coin a British phrase) this is all fur coat and no knickers. In other words the Cyano diving computer has an impressive and sophisticated appearance which belies the fact that there is nothing to substantiate it.

It is a basic nitrox dive computer, manufactured from SUS316L Stainless Steel and silicone. It is water resistance up to 100 mt / 328 ft hence this will be fine for recreational diving limits.

The strap seems to be a standard watch length and there does not appear to be a way for the watch strap to be extended, therefore this device is best used in warm blue water where the diver is wearing minimal thermal protection. (There is also the option for the user to wear it around the neck or on a keyring using the clip and pendant accessories).

Who will dive this? Probably the casual diver that does a handful of divers per year, and wants a reminder that they are an adventurous spirit. A diver that wants a watch style computer that is pretty and practical enough to wear in the shower or take swimming, that can be dived with Nitrox.

Key Features

  • Weight 105 g / 5.29 oz
  • Bühlmann ZH-L16C Decompression model
  • Water resistance up to 100 mt / 328 ft
  • Air / Gauge / Nitrox (21% - 99%)
  • Compass, Stopwatch, NDL, safety stops, battery indicator
  • Alarms: Depth, Ascent
  • Four colours: white, black, mint, pink
  • Smartphone app: Android / iOS