We have enough Mascara Wands!

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We have enough Mascara Wands!

October 08, 2019 - 10:07
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A heartfelt appeal by a Scottish animal charity has been too successful.

The North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre known as '' specialises in wildlife rehabilitation.

The small independent Charity made a request in February for mascara wands because they needed miniature brushes to groom small animals, ie ducklings. The wands are useful for removing oil, larvae, fly eggs, mites, infections, mud and other contaminets from the wildlife.

All brushes must be cleaned with warm, soapy water and sealed in a ziplock bag. The Arc

Now the charity has been overwhelmed because they have received 75,000 wands, and they have therefore asked the public to please stop sending mascara wands to Abderdeenshire.

More wands than Hogwarts

Keith Marley, Head of the charity is grateful and pleasantly surprised by the public's generosity. He stated "we now ask for people - if they want to help wildlife - to look up local centres they can donate to. That would save on flying the wands across the world and writing off the impact of recycling them."

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