Whales and dolphins granted the right to live freely

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Whales and dolphins granted the right to live freely

December 05, 2014 - 22:42
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The Cetacean Free and Safe Passage resolution, which was passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors last month states that whales and dolphins have the rights “to be free of captivity, and to remain unrestricted in their natural environment.”

The Cetacean Free and Safe Passage resolution outlines the ills of captivity and states that these magnificent beings ought to be protected in their environment, and resolves:

"That the City and County of San Francisco supports the free and safe passage of all whales and dolphins in our coastal waters, including the Pacific Ocean, the San Francisco Bay, and its estuaries."

Earlier this year, California Assembly member Richard Bloom introduced the Orca Welfare and Safety Act (AB 2140), which would ban the use of orcas as performers in theme shows, end captive breeding programs and end the import and export of orcas and their genetic materials, in addition to retiring the current population to sea pens.

“The significance of stating that cetaceans have the rights to be free and to not be held in captivity cannot be understated, as it reflects a growing understanding that we humans ought to begin including other species into our calculations of what is fair and morally right,” wrote Laura Bridgeman, Campaign and Communications Specialist for the International Marine Mammal Project. “At a time when nonhumans are still considered property, any statements indicating their right not be considered so is profound.”

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